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HOWDEEE Cuffe Family!!!

The Grand Ole Reunion

June 23-25, 2017 

Make your hotel reservations! 

We hope you are ALL planning to attend the 2017 reunion! 

The festivities will be held in the beautiful Nashville, Tennessee area, one of the most visited locales in the US-of-A, and home to the iconic “Grand Ole Opry”. We thought it only appropriate that we use the theme, “The Grand Ole Reunion”—see what we did there? (Jerry’s note: My politically and culturally insensitive contribution was “Irish Relatives Matter”, but it was soundly voted down.) Prepping for the event has made the entire Roerig clan very lonesome for all of you, so we hope y’all can make it. If the reunion locale was a little further south we’d say, " We hope ALL Y’ALL can make it". 


Friday the 23rd of JuneSaturday the 24th, and the morning of the25th of June, 2017

At the last reunion, it was decided that dues would remain at $45 per adult, and children 17 and under would attend at no charge. Online registration and payment information will be available in the near future. Thank you to those who volunteered to gather family contact information. Until that info is complete, please share this information with those not on social media.

We love you all so much, and can’t wait to see you! 

Jerry and Kim Roerig 
Nick and Kelly Roerig 
Midge Roerig


Auction.  Please start making, painting, crafting, and collecting your auction items now. The creative talent in this family is incredible, and the willingness to pay for family “masterpieces” is a financial mainstay of the reunion. Whether you are a creator or a buyer or both, start putting your auction items and/or money to the side now!


LODGING. We have reserved blocks rooms for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The two hotels chosen do have the highest Trip Advisor ratings—they ain't fancy but they are clean and the least expensive options in the area. 



The reunion will be held at the Wild Turkey Ranch, in Lebanon, TN just outside of Nashville. We'll have use of a large, air conditioned barn/meeting facility and a beautiful outdoor space. This should be the perfect backdrop for our Saturday night dance, themed "VIVA NASHVEGAS!" (Get out your cowboy boots AND your bedazzler!) 



Friday the 23rd of JuneSaturday the 24th, and the morning of the25th of June, 2017 

We have our tried and true schedule.

Thursday arrivers... We will have fun.

Friday: Check-In


Sunday: Breakfast and tears... 


AmazonAmazon Store. Be sure to do your online shopping through our Amazon link so the Cuffe Reunion Fund will get a commission!

Graduation and Father's Day are coming up.  Be prepared and check out some online deals!