Welcome to our Cuffe Reunion Site!

Greetings from Fatima Thompson and Crew!!

We are more than thrilled to have you all out for The Great Colorado Gold Rush - Cuffe Family Reunion 2014!!

We encourage all of you to stay longer than 3 days for the scenery and weather are worth it!

Book your rooms and plan your time off of work. 

Start making your auction items... 

PLEASE NOTE: The altitude here is more than a mile above sea level. This means that ANYONE coming from another altitude MUST CONSUME plenty of WATER FOUR DAYS PRIOR to coming AND while you are here. Altitude sickness is very real and can be COMPLETELY AVOIDED if you are hydrated. The water you drank 3 days ago is the amount of hydration you feel today... Keep this in mind and tell someone else. Fun facts Fatima knows.

Also, bring your sunblock and or sun hats... 

We love you all and feel so special to be apart of such a great family with such an amazing tradition. 


fatima lily 




Auction.  It's time to pull out your craft supplies to create family heirlooms for the reunion auction.  Not craft?  That's ok!  Check out clearance sales for items that would make a great themed basket such as wine, movie night, pasta dinner, pizza kit, spa escape, Liquor, etc.

Submit your auction items to whet their appetite!


It's gonna be off the hook, y'all.


Who will be brave enough to host the next family reunion???


We will be staying on the grounds of the beautiful YMCA camp in Estes Park, Colorado! 


We have rooms reserved for YOU!! Please book them by clicking on this link below..
















Schedule. We have our tried and true schedule.

Thursday arrivers... We will have fun.

Friday: Check-In

Dinner and a talent show/comedy hour. PLEASE prepare your act!!


Photo Shoot at 9am

Auction at 2pm

Family Music 7-9

House DJ 9-12am.

Sunday: Breakfast and tears... 


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